Catholics Principles in Reference to Politics

Therefore it is for you, as a Catholic, a matter of conscience to learn what are the real, the true Catholic principles which are to be followed in reference to politics. And it is these principles which I now desire briefly to explain. The Catholic should, before all things, in his relation to politics never … Continue reading Catholics Principles in Reference to Politics


Religion – The Greatest Resource in Suffering.

The greatest resource in the midst of the suffering caused by the war for soldiers and civilians has been religion. It was sadly needed, but it was magnificently employed. Anyone who saw how much their religion meant to the soldiers who really had faith will appreciate very well how valuable it was for them. Many … Continue reading Religion – The Greatest Resource in Suffering.

On Stealing Another Man’s Girl

Problem:  "Very  briefly,  my  difficulty  is  this:  I am  very  much  enthralled by  a  girl  who is  engaged  to another  young  man. I am  currently  trying  to convince  her that  she  has  made  a  mistake  and  should  break her engagement.  I met  her, after  having known her in  high school  several  years  ago without  paying  … Continue reading On Stealing Another Man’s Girl

Man’s Interior Battle Against Vainglory

The following is extracted from Giosuè Borsi's "A Soldiers Confidences with God: " I observe also that I am writing these pages with a certain amount of vainglory and hypocritical frivolity, vaguely hoping that some day they may be found, read and admired, while in the meantime I have complacently shown them to a few … Continue reading Man’s Interior Battle Against Vainglory